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Online Radio Stations Free

online radio stations freeLife today is so intense and at times tiring whether you are at home or at work that is why online radio stations free are highly demanded by anyone who seek to let go of some stress or simply enjoy good music.

Many of those that you will find online have been in the industry providing music of any genre, while radio stations online popped out due to demand of new technology that involves Android devices and of course, the internet that is now wirelessly connecting people to the internet.

On this post, the top ten list of the best free online radio streaming websites are gathered so you need to hold on and continue reading this post. Keep in mind that the radio stations included on this list would change due to listener reviews or surveys that are conducted independently. Well then, let’s go and look into that list right now?

Top Ten Free Online Music Radio

  1. Maestro.fm: Just like Last.FM, this free online radio music is all about social networking with your fellow music fans. The website made some huge innovations to how people listen to their kind of music where each user can choose to follow user forums on various genres, trade playlists and discover unknown artists through a lively conversation. What is also good about this site is that it lets you use their cloud storage to store your music. If you do like Last.FM and Facebook, you should try this one.
  2. SHOUTcast by Nullsoft: If you enjoy free online radio streaming, the massive lists of untied radio stations it has in store, which is more than 700 webpage, this online radiobroadcast site may be the answer to your needs. It is quite intimidating, but who would not love this type of free online music radio?
  3. Grooveshark: Self-Directed Radio: This is one of the best crowd pleasers when it comes to free online radio player. According to experts and avid listeners, this site is not going to be your average internet-based radio station wherein the music you listen to is basically crafted by a DJ or a pre-designed playlist that is created by the radio stations database. Instead, its listeners have the power to design their own playlist and listen to their kind of music. However, it is not the same as how you choose songs that you already have on your computer; the website lets you select your own songs through the playlist creator embedded in it.
  4. Spotify: It is certainly one of the best, if not the best, online radio stations free offering this kind of service today. Even though the station is somewhat limited to countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, parts of Europe and Spain at this point in time, it is slowly, but surely conquering the rest of the world. This online radio station has slowly surmounted licensing challenges brought by the music industry. What made this possible is the reliability and speed of it providing the best music to its listeners. Those alone made its system dethrone and outstrip their competition.
  5. Last.fm: It is unlike any other free online radio player, this one stresses on social media use. This allows you to connect and interact with your fellow users to trade suggestions as well as some friendly teasing. How that is done is by you voting whether you hate or love an artist or song that others are fond of listening. The recommendations feature of the site enables you to take your own favorites and then extrapolate or follow and adapt to certain trends in the music industry.
  6. AcousticAlternative.com: If you may think that this free online music radio hub is all about acoustic music, you are definitely wrong. This online radio portal offers an amazing list of Ska, punk, Charlestown and other music genres (but of course alternative music), which is why it made it to the top ten list of the best online music stations known today. Anyone who has listened to it almost always says that they really like how it was developed, making them one of the choices for online radio streaming.
  7. Canadian Web Radio: Although some people think that it is a destination service like some of the things on this list, this free online radio streaming site compiles links that leads music lovers to some traditional Canadian radio stations, which also airs their shows or programs all throughout the web. If Canadian music interests you, you must visit this radio hub for some of the best music as well as radio talk shows you have listened to in the past.
  8. ‘The Inferno’ Radio: This online radio stations free specialize towards eclectic listening, which means that it blends and mixes different music genres into one single playlist. For example, DJ’s and music requests by users may brought a playlist that includes Led Zeppelin, Mariah Carey, Coldplay, Lionel Richie, Madonna, Kid Rock and many other legends or trending music artists. This means that if you have an excellent and broad music taste, you might have met your match.
  9. Pandora: This is the kind of free online radio music station that utilizes AI (artificial intelligence) to learn the kind of music you do want and love to listen. Now, that is something amazing. Though some would say that its “recommendation engine” is still raw that uses small criteria when deciding or determining a song’s DNA, thousands of those who have listened appreciates what the station brings to the table.
  10. Pirate Radio Network: Compared to other free online radio music, this one offers a couple of means for its avid to listen to their music broadcasts, which is either via a downloaded music player or through a web tuner. On this site, you will find hundreds of music genres that are aboard the site, which makes your music streaming time a worthwhile one. What is also good about the site is that PC or Windows users can actually create their own radio broadcast station so that you can start broadcasting your own music, which makes you an instant DJ.

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There you have it, the best of them when it comes to free online radio player. Do not hesitate to explore new free stuff online or fill your heart and mind with the joy you get by listening to the music you love by listening to them online. Well then, go ahead and start listening to them right now.

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