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online dictionary freeStudents and professionals have something in common, that is the need to have online dictionary free that should cater to their needs of keeping their paper from any spelling or grammar error. What these people need is a powerful and user-friendly online dictionary that they can access and turn to whenever they need to verify the meaning or spelling of an unknown phrase or word or simply just check for synonyms or a word’s proper pronunciation. Other than that, most online dictionaries today offer educational games that relates to anything but words. Now, instead of buying a bulky dictionary that they need to carry with them, free online dictionaries would always come handy. Well then, why don’t you look into the top ten online dictionaries that are listed on this post?

Top Ten Encyclopedia Dictionary

  1. Wiktionary: This offers versatility and efficiency when it comes to providing students and professionals with one of the widest range of definitions for the English language. This encyclopedia dictionary online has over a million word entries that is derived from more than 350 languages. This dictionary also features etymology, translations, synonyms and other related terms other than definitions, images, sample sentences and voice pronunciations.
  2. YourDictionary.com: Compared to other free online picture dictionary that only yields images, definitions and voice pronunciations, this website provides results for any queries to show sentence examples, synonyms, acronyms, quote examples and idioms. This website has been around in the industry for so many years that it has made a name for itself in providing highly efficient results out of what its users need. No matter if, there is high traffic on the web, it would not be an issue for the site to provide the best search results.
  3. Dictionary.com: This is an encyclopedia dictionary service of Ask.com. What’s good about this one is that its search results would always yield voice pronunciations, word origin and history, definitions and many more. In the event that your search does not provide you any results, the site would redirect you to Ask.com for you to see suggested items. This also enables its users to look up any phrases or words using the results of dictionary search by clicking on it. This website remains one of the best in this field and is also a perennial contender for the best online dictionaries today.
  4. Cambridge Dictionary Online: If you think that this online dictionary free is developed and created out of nowhere, think again. This one is composed out of four top caliber dictionaries, which are Cambridge Dictionary of American English, Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary, Cambridge International Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs and the Cambridge Dictionary of American English. What this does is that it effectively yields results regarding various English phrases or words. In addition, this website provides voice pronunciations of definitions coming from the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary.
  5. The Free Dictionary: With this encyclopedia dictionary, users can search through words, txt or characters where the results would show multiple definitions, voice pronunciations, thesaurus, translations and intransitive verbs. What’s also good about this one is that users can definitely translate English phrases or words into French, German, Greek and many other languages that students and professionals would surely appreciate and love.
  6. Merriam-Webster Online: With M-W (Merriam-Webster), users have the power to search the Merriam-Webster online dictionary free through three main compositions, which are Dictionary, English-Spanish or Medical. These results would be shown efficiently on their online platform showing voice pronunciations, functions, definitions and word histories. Other than that, users can search any kind of word or phrase just by clicking on it. Office professionals, writers and students prefer this website more than any other websites due to the credibility it has made over the years.
  7. Longman English Dictionary Online: This is one of the few websites for free online picture dictionary that allows users to search English phrases and words where the search results would yield images, pronunciations, sentence examples, related words or phrases and definitions. However, no voice pronunciations are incorporated on search queries, which is something that most users are looking forward to in the future.
  8. Wordnik: It was an online dictionary free that is developed for its users to search for English words other than its definitions, voice pronunciations and sample sentences wherein the results would show related words, etymologies, comments and statistics. Other than that, users can leave their comments once they have to the website. What’s also good about this dictionary is that it possesses fast results when providing results whenever a query is made by its users.
  9. Google Dictionary: This is one of the few free online picture dictionary that are composed out of various languages so that when you search for English words, its results would show related phrases, languages, web definitions and usage samples other than the usual voice pronunciations, sentence examples and definitions. Many experts consider this one as one of the best online dictionaries available today. This website also provides fast and efficient results when yielding search queries. This online dictionary remains in this top ten list because of what it brings to the table when providing search results at any given time of the day.
  10. WordReference.com: This is highly developed so that users can maximize what free online dictionaries offer. This online dictionary lets users to search for English words regarding its definitions in various languages that include French, Chinese, Spanish, German and other languages that users may be in need of real time. What’s also good about this website is that it provides highly efficient results whenever its users make any word query. This website is loaded with much fun and exciting features that any of its users would surely love and appreciate from it.

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This is the top ten lists of the highly developed online dictionaries today. When you need to look for word definitions or just simply have fun playing word games, choosing any of this website would surely knock you off your feet. Do not hesitate in visiting any of the websites listed here. Enjoy and expand your knowledge using encyclopedia dictionary on these websites. You can also educate yourself with the help of the best free online courses that we’ve picked for you,

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