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Free Puzzles Online

free puzzles onlineFree puzzles online is a great way in spending time to relax as well as to make challenging task. It is a nice way to dedicate your time because you learn and make your mind active. Puzzles are made on images that are cut into pieces and it is up to the player to put back the cut images back together. Whether you are an expert or beginner, an adult or kid, here are best places that you can visit to check.

Puzzles Online for Free

  1. Free Jigsaw Puzzles: This free puzzle online was created and designed by Dave Fisher. The puzzle will help you to learn more about each subject imaginable, which include anime, art and animals. The concept of the jigsaw puzzles is that you need to name few and you can start to play the game. The puzzle is really great and you can download it. If you want to play the game, you can start to download it and play on your PC or laptop. With the puzzle game, you do not need special installations. It is ready to download and you do not need to register.
  2. JigZone.com: Jigzone game will allow you to play different games. Yes. There are different jigsaw puzzles that you will learn which include animals, flowers, art, nature scenes, travel, sports and much more. Aside from the jigsaw puzzles, it also offers great features that you need to set apart. There is also a track where you need to complete the puzzle. The good thing is that you can able to compare your average to your fastest times. Another feature of the game is that in every jigsaw puzzle, you have the chance to play different cut of games as well as pieces from six to 247.
  3. Jigidi: This puzzle game has hundreds of online jigsaw puzzle and it is free on the internet. What you need to do is that you need to put the pieces back together and all the pieces are easy to see. Also, you have the chance to zoom in and out the pieces to have a clear picture on what it looks like. You will like the interface of Jigidi because it’s easy to see and easy to complete as long as you have focus on playing.
  4. JSPuzzles.com: JSPuzzles is good to use and it is a free puzzle game. You can customized it depending on the backgrounds as well as sizes that you want. For every puzzle game, it is timed and you can compare it with your best and average time. You can make comparison and compare your scores to other users that completed the puzzle game. You will love to use the game because it will tell how many moves left and how many moves you played. If you want to know more information about it, you can check it out if you have time.
  5. Just Jigsaw Puzzles: This puzzle game has more than 1,8000 puzzles allowing you to play it directly from your browser. Aside from the jigsaw puzzle games that are free, you can also find online that you can to play. You can upload your photos that you want to play and complete. If you have an easy game with the jigsaw puzzle, you have the chance to change its difficulties by changing the puzzle number pieces as well as the cut of the shapes.
  6. PuzzleHouse.com: Puzzle house has hundred of free online jigsaw puzzles. When it comes to difficulties, you can choose whether you want to play with easy, medium and difficult levels. For every puzzle, you can choose the difficulty that you want. The great thing is that it is perfect for beginners and for experts in jigsaw puzzles. If you want to play the puzzle game, you need to install Shockwave plug in.
  7. Shockwave Jigsaw Puzzles: This puzzle game has numerous jigsaw puzzles that are free to use. If you want to play another, there are games that you need to pay. The available games for everyday are fun to play and you can able to customize it when it comes to pieces numbers, background colors and how it is shuffled. For the best feature of the game, it allows you to save your progress if you are tired and you can come back to it later.
  8. theKidzpage.com: For the guests of the site, it gives you the chance to play it for free. Even though some of the games are for kids, you can appreciate it. There are also available puzzle game for adults because they get everything what you are looking for which include Bugs n Slugs as well as Food and Candy. When you complete the jigsaw puzzle, you can have a picture about the shapes and get a hint whenever you are stuck.
  9. Curiosoft Jigsaw Puzzles: This is one of the free games puzzle online you can choose from. They have gazillions of puzzle games available for kinds. For every puzzle, there is available difficulty level for gamers, which is easy, medium and hard. All the games are fun cartoon images that are perfect for preschool kids until middle school kids.
  10. Puzzle Games: This is one of the puzzle games that you can choose and it has numerous jigsaw puzzles. The good thing is that there are no frills. The games have clear images making it easy and quick to complete.

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