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Free Online Text Messaging

free online text messagingWith the presence of free online text messaging, it allows people to send text message even though they do not have load. Free messaging is a good feature for Android phone and it will remain to be a feature of it that is why people can have a good time with it.

Free Online Texting Services

  1. Textra SMS: This can be a SMS replacement app for free online texting services. The app is not only beautiful but it was designed with good guidelines. For phones with low MB, they can still install the application without any issues. They can also access it online and to send online text. There are also many themes that you can check out. With it, you get floating SMS, schedule messages, notifications as well as other. Textra throws message blocking., option for quickly reply and to take photos to be send via SMS.
  2. Chomp SMS: This is one of free online texts that are popular. You can install it that can be access on Play Store. The good thing is that it has customization options and you can also choose from it hundreds of themes for free. You can personalize your messaging and other features, which include group MMS, SMS sending, pinning conversations, delayed messages and sending quick replies. In your SMS, you can customize it according to what you want. You can set up the vibration patterns as well as LED colors.
  3. Handcent SMS: It offers excellent stock replacement app and other features. The application received major update and it becomes more better. Aside from hundreds of themes and skins, it is available for free. You can send it free text messaging directly from your contacts. You can send text messages online or to install the application. The application allows user to save their contacts via send text messages using your tablet or compute or to use cloud. It also has notification customization that available with complete back up. If you want to send text messages, you can create private box. Handset SMS is one of your best options because it will help you in sending messages even though you do not have load.
  4. GO SMS Pro: If you have Android device, you can choose this application. It has a keyboard, browser apps and launcher. What good thing is that it has good text messaging application known as GO SMS Pro. It has a customization option for users and they can choose the stickers and themes they want. The stickers and themes are updated. For staple features, it has private box, online text messaging, quickly reply pop-ups and sticky conversation. If you want to block numbers that are unwanted, you can do so. The application is working with dual SIM phones that are common. The app is also supported with a cloud backup and with delayed sending which are free.
  5. QKSMS: This is a quick text messenger that makes the texting simple. It has a fluid interface and developers of the app are dedicated and working constantly to improve it. For free version, it includes themes, quickly reply, group messaging and night mode. If you want to choose the pro version, you get better themes and nigh mode. Whether you want to choose the free or the pro version, you will not be disappointed. All you got from the text messenger are all satisfying features.
  6. Hello SMS: Hello SMS is fluid, looks great and fast. The features of the application is competitive and with effective interface user. Aside from its traditional box, you have tabbed messaging making it easy to switch. You can use it for faster way for sending MMS and SMS messages. Hello SMS is one of the best options that you should consider for text messenger. Even though you do not have load, you can choose it.
  7. Google Messenger: Many people know about Google Hangouts that also supported with text messaging. It has good texting app for users of Android, which called as Messenger. Even though it does not have many features, it is focuses on core functionality. It has pleasing and fluid user interface. Emoji icons is supported by the app, it has blocking SMS senders and message archiving.
  8. Evolve SMS: The app is developed by team of Sliding Messaging Pro. It is free to use and it is supported by group messaging, password protection, lock screen widgets as well as emoji icons. It has unlockable themes and fluid interface. There are free themes that you can choose from and depending on your needs, you can get the theme that you want for your phone or want to use. You can choose to send text online or to install freebies.
  9. Sliding SMS: If you know Cyanogen Mod 10, you can use sliding SMS. It has great sliding SMS and it is made simple and minimalistic interface having great features such as pop up notifications, quick reply, breathing notification icons, sliding user interface, dark and light themes, hide and show contact image and emoji icons support. If you want the version, you can have it on Play Store and you can visit the link for XDA forums that can be downloaded with its latest free version.
  10. Wivi SMS: It has a good potential messaging app and there are no performance issues. The good thing is that it has good interface that appealing as well as focus on receiving and sending rich media. It also has good previews that you can use for free. It is supported by Emoji support and does not have any ads.

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There you go the free texts online you can choose from that give you the chance to send free text message. It is important that you know what you will do so that you can choose a good online texting messaging on the internet. If you do not have load every day, the online texting will be helpful for you. Start to choose the free text messaging service you want and begin using it today!

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