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Free Online Phone Calls

free online phone callsNowadays, there are free online phone calls that you can use to save money. If you do not have a cell phone or mobile phone, you will be considered as old school. Today, there are many people who are using mobile phones and calls, if you want to know how to call for free, check this out! You need to make a careful choosing so that you can use the application easily and simply. You need to try it before you finally used it for calling. Try the presented apps now to see how it works.

Online Phone Calls

Knowing applications that will give you the chance to call for free is a nice thing that is why you need to know the best application that will give you the opportunity to call for free. This page presents the best app you can use.

  1. Facebook Messenger: Facebook messenger is the number one on the list for online phone calls for free. As long as you are friend or in connection with your friend, you can call him for free. There are people out there that do now want Facebook, it is still be useful to use it. Facebook is offering undeniable advantage compared to other application. It is a good choice for Facebook users to experience and call for free.
  2. Google Hangouts: This is your answer to Skype and you will be happy because it offers free messaging with stickers. Google hangouts also allows you to make calls as long as you are calling is a member of hang out. The call is free of charge and you can video chat to anyone you want. What you only need to become member of it is that a Google account. If you do not have, try to create one. Just like Facebook, it is ubiquitous and a great option.
  3. KakaoTalk: Free Calls & Texts: Kakaotalk is one of the popular on line phone calls free to choose from. With the application, you can call and text for free. In addition, it includes group calls that are a good option for people out there who wants frequent calls with many people. Another great feature of the application is that it included multi platform support. If your friends are using blackberry devices, iOS devices or perhaps Windows Phone, you can still call them with the use of Kakao Talk.
  4. LINE: Free Calls & Messages: Using the application is free and it is one of the popular options for free online calling. It is good to use by people whose phone is Android. The good thing is that it has 400 million users around the world and it also has good features. One feature is that it is free to use who are using Line and if you want to call other persons who are not using Line, there is only a small fee. Another thing is that it includes group text and text messaging. Just like Kakaotalk, it also includes multi platform support.
  5. magicApp by magicJack: This is also one of the best and unique applications to choose from. On the other hand, you need to know that there are regional restrictions that you should know that is why before using it, you need to read the terms and conditions. If you are living in Canada or United States, you can make free calls. If you are outside or calling outside Canada or US, you need to pay small fee. It can be used for phone calls and you can choose it if you want.
  6. Nimbuzz Messenger / Free Calls: Nimbuzz has been a long time and it includes features that are working well. Using it is free of charge and there are other things that you can do such as group chat, stickers, text chat and much more.
  7. Skype – free IM & video calls: Skype has been using by many people and you can also try it. Almost everyone knows about Skype and if your friend has Skype too, you can call them for free. It can be used by people who have mobile phones and computer, which include Linux. It has a feature such as free group calling, text chats and video chats. It is definitely highly and reliable services just like Facebook Messenger. Try to install it and see how it works.
  8. Tango Messenger, Video & Calls: There are many people who are using Tango Messenger. It remains to be pretty over the years and it allows you to have free calls. If you have friends who are using Tango, add and call them now. In addition, it has cross platform as well as video chatting feature. Even though it is not exciting just like other applications, you can try to use it.
  9. Viber: It is one of the fastest-rising apps nowadays and it is being used by Android phone users. Today, it has more than 200 million users and one of the widely used applications. It is the one stop solution of people when it comes to free calls. You can use the Viber for group and text messaging. The interface of it is simple for users not to have difficulties.
  10. Yahoo Messenger: To use this application, you need to install it. You need to have plug in to make calls. By using its plug in, you get video and voice calling. Even though it has some issues, it is being updated. It is still a good option even though it has some issues.

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Even though there are many applications out there that you can use, it is suggested that you need to choose wisely. If you want to experience free calls, you should use the best application for your PC or mobile phone. There are 100% applications that you can use. What you just need to do is to follow the instructions. Your best bet is to use the best application. You can talk with your family and friends the time you install the application. Choose the freebies you want and start to call today!

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