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Free Online Masters Degree

free online masters degreeIf you want to study anywhere and want to get international education, then distance learning is best for you. There are schools offering free online masters degree and free tutoring online and here are some of the best lists you can choose from.

Free Masters Degree Online to Choose From

  1. University of the people: The school is offering accredited, online and tuition free. Their free programs are taught by excellent professors. They are preparing their students for employment through mentoring and internship programs.
  2. Commonwealth distance learning scholarships: They are supporting students from developing commonwealth countries in studying more than 30 master degree courses. The scholarship covers tuition fees.
  3. edX Free Online Courses at Premier Universities: This learning platform gives students the chance to take free courses online that is offered by premier universities. The course is available for any students.
  4. Khan Academy: They are offering excellent education to students for free and they have library having more than 4,500 videos. The school will be your help in learning what you want on your own time.
  5. Carnegie Mellon University: They are offering materials program. The self-paced courses include self-assessments and lessons in subjects: biology, statistics, English and French.
  6. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): They are offering more than 2,000 free graduate and undergraduate courses from different subjects, which include economics, engineering, management and media arts. This is one of the free online master’s degree programs you can choose.
  7. Tufts University: They are offering free OCW courses that are available to everyone having internet access. Many of courses are available in sciences like dentistry, veterinary science and medicine.
  8. University of California – Berkeley: They are offering online videos that are free and the classes are available in video webcasts and podcasts. The course covers many subjects, which include computer science, astronomy, engineering, philosophy and law.
  9. University of California – Irvine: They are offering free courses, lecture series and materials. Some of the courses include readings, exams, homework assignments and video lectures.
  10. University of Massachusetts (UMass) – Boston: They are offering free courses and subjects like psychology, history, public policy and nursing. Students will have access on available materials including projects, homework assignments and lecture materials.
  11. University of Michigan: Students have access to free courses in subject areas as information science, engineering, chemistry and Spanish.
  12. University of Notre Dame: They are offering free courses in areas like English, theology, peace studies and math.
  13. Utah State University: They give free access for online courses.
  14. Yale University: Some of their professors give access to supplemental materials and course materials like audio, transcript formats of lectures and video.
  15. Norwegian University of Life Sciences (UMB): They are offering free tuition fee for students.
  16. Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU): There are numerous free masters degree programs online that you can check out and you can check this school to get tuition fee for free.
  17. University of Agder (UiA): Just like other schools, they are one of the schools offering free education to students.
  18. University of Bergen (UiB): You will not have problem with the schools because they are good choice for free high quality education.
  19. University of Nordland (UiN): The school is formerly known as Bodo University College and they also offer free education.
  20. University of Oslo (UiO): This school will make sure to give what you are looking for. They have courses that are great and free tuition fee.
  21. University of Stavanger (UiS): This university is one of the choices you need to have for yourself for quality and free education in master’s tuition fee.
  22. University of Tromsø (UiT): They are offering tuition free education to help students to continue their education.
  23. Berea College: They are helping students with other costs and offering opportunity in different subjects.
  24. Alice Lloyd College: They are offering degrees in broad range of fields and pre-professional programs.
  25. Webb Institute: This school offers free tuition fee and they are known in giving the best engineering education.
  26. College of the Ozarks: They are situated in Missouri and offering students with free tuition and some of their popular majors include teaching, business, criminal justice and education.
  27. Curtis Institute of Music: The school is offering full tuition fee for free for students who want to be admitted. For applicants who get the free education, they get excellent experience.
  28. CUNY Teacher Academy: They have full tuition scholarship for students who enroll in their Teacher Academy.
  29. University of Washington: They offer full tuition and fees for free and it is available for any students.
  30. Olin College: They have full scholarship in masters and it is one of the best merit scholarship schools in the nation.

You need to spend some time in doing your homework to find the best online free masters degree programs and free bachelors degree online you want. Choose the one you like and make sure that it can help you to get quality education.

Enroll in the free online masters degree today!

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