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Free Online Flight Simulator

free online flight simulator

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If you want to play like you are flying, you need to make sure that you know what website you will choose. There are many applications and website out there that you can choose from. If you want to know the list, here it is.

Free Online Flight Simulator Best List

  1. FighterWing2: This free online flight simulator is a multiplayer combat simulator available for Android platforms. It uses unique real life engine games wherein players will have a satisfying game because they will battle in air with legendary and magnificent war planes. Users can choose what plane they want to use, to battle with gazillions of players around the world and to upgrade their weapons.
  2. Rise of Flight: Russian developed World War 1. The game has been developed for many years and it is still going. It is kept and made alive by dedicated, enthusiastic and new developer. The game is a premium product. Their main game is downloadable and it is free of charge. It gives chance to players to choose what they want. They can also choose the plane that they want. The game was developed neatly that will cater to your aerial combat needs. This is a good game for everyone out there who missed Red baron games.
  3. Google Earth Flight Simulator Online: This flight simulator free online is complete and you do not need to install it. It runs in Google’s chrome browser with the use of plug ins and extensions. You need it to work it properly. The game will allow you to fly in the world. When it comes to modes, there are several, but there are no warplanes. What there are fixed wing aircrafts, helicopters and hang gliders.
  4. War thunder: This is a premium game to choose from. This is highly ambitious and it is MMO project. This online free flight simulator is free to use and play. On the other hand, players must need to spend real money when it comes to single player campaigns and specific planes for the development of the game. Also, war thunder is a large project. Players will be happy to use it because there are Many players who are engage with it. Players have the chance to customize their steed. There are roles that are specific and it also offer paid product.
  5. Flight gear: This is one of the flight stimulation tools and if you want to stay in amateur world, this game is best for you. It is also interesting because it is free. It is collaborative online project under GNU license. This is one of the online flight simulators that are versatile. Even though it is not much easy to use just like MS flight, it is free. You can also customize it with modules and add-ons. It offers a good passenger flights, warplanes, cropdusting, firefighting and much more.
  6. Microsoft flight: This is a big and good game. This is good software that you can use. Instead of selling Microsoft Flight that is rebranded, you will be given with encompassing package. Users can easy access it because it is basic. You will be given with good title and much more. The game represents a magnificent title.
  7. YSFlight: The tool is available to Mac OS X and Windows. You will have humble beginnings with the game because everything is included and it is not a bad thing. When it comes to features, it contains a robust built-in that are set. You will not complain with the game because it is exceptional There are diverse selection that is included such as Blue Angels as well as Apache Helicopter. There is also a wide variety of maps that are included. There are also well known regions included. With additional features, it includes day and night settings as well as wind variables. It is a customizable piece of tool that allows you to do what you want. The incredible aspect of the program is that it’s included homespun history. The creator of the game is Soji Yamakawa also known as Captain YS. Over the years, he continued to develop the game and update the site. YSFlight is a welcoming game and it is simple.
  8. FlightGear: This is an undisputed champion game if you are talking about advanced settings. This is an open source tool that was designed in 1997. The developers are expanding as well as tweaking the software to provide more pleasure to users worldwide. The recent update was issued on February of 2013. If you installed the game, you will not have hassles. New users can able to navigate it because it is 3D rendered and have beautiful environments. The tool comes with limited amount of scenery
  9. X-plane: This is one of the advanced flight simulator that you can choose from. For Windows, Linux and Mac, they can download it with a free demo. If you want to practice the most realistic flight simulator, choose it. It contains IFR approaches and shoots VFR. You can prepare for emergencies, improve its navigation skills and to fly from the airplane up to your home airport. If you want to take your flight into new heights, you will be engage to beautiful 3-d cockpits, gliders, airliners, helicopters and others. You will also be exposed to its exclusive space shuttle orbiter and combat operations. You also have the chance to try the free demo.
  10. Pearl harbor: This is a good online game for free simulator flight. You can choose and start to enjoy what you want.

Scared of heights? Then try playing the best free online multiplayer games instead!

If you want to play and fly, you can choose from the presented flight simulator on this page. Begin to choose what you want and check its website to know its fully features. You need to visit and check it out to know what its offers. Trying it is also good since using it is for free. Begin to play and experience a good play. You should start choosing today while there are many free online adventure games to choose from.

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