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Free Online Courses for Nurses

free online courses for nursesSince there are free online courses for nurses that are available today, nurses must take advantage of them in order that they develop their knowledge and skills. Be sure that you know what free online certification courses and education materials you will choose.

Free Courses for Nurses Online

  1. Empire State Public Health Training Center – Public Health Nurse Ready: This is one of the free online courses with certificates for nurses program. All the courses are on-line and self-paced and most of the courses give continuing education results.
  2. Nursing Fundamentals: This is offered by Kaplan University introducing fundamentals of wellness and nursing. It deals with monitoring vital signs, patient safety, grooming, initial assessment and bathing.
  3. Biology of Water and Health: It is offered by Tufts University and the course will train nursing to think outside the box in dealing problems. The class deals in many ways that will help nurses.
  4. Fundamentals of Oncology for Public Health Practitioners: This is offered by Johns Hopkins University and it is consist of lectures about cancer prevention covering diagnosis, treatment as well as screening measures.
  5. Utilization of Nursing Research in Advanced Practice: This is being offered by University of Michigan and the course presents evidence-based approach in advancing nursing practice.
  6. Human Growth and Development: It is also again offered by Tufts University about study of growth and development. Nurses will learn about conditions, disabilities and diseases.
  7. Critical Analysis of Popular Diets and Dietary Supplements: This course is about analyzing science behind mechanisms. It helps nurses to gain knowledge in appraising weight control diet and supplement.
  8. Introduction to Clinical Pain Problems: In introduces nurses to biomedical evaluation principles as well as management.
  9. Emergency Animal Sheltering: This course is available for anyone who gives services, which include administrative, managerial, clinical and other assistance to animal sheltering.
  10. Long-term Care Facilities: Emergency Preparedness Plans: This is perfect for community-based nurses, physicians, physician assistants, advanced practice nurses and staff member that work in long-term facilities.
  11. Measurement of Health Status: This is about introducing various tools, measures, data sources and methods that are used in evaluating health aspects in the health region, community, territory or province.
  12. Epidemiology of Chronic Diseases: To advance knowledge as well as understanding about epidemiology, health determinants as well as risk factors, you can check out it. Some of the learning materials focus on determinants, interventions, risk factors and basic concepts.
  13. Basic Biostatistics Concepts and Tools: Full course, which include video and slide clips.
  14. Introductory Course of Patient Safety: An online course that is free introducing about basic elements of patient safety research.
  15. Collaborative Decision-Making with Communities: This is one of the free online training for nurses because you will work on case from the point of view that is working in local health department.
  16. Measuring Health Disparities (DL) MHDID0806: This course is focus on basic issues such as defining, measuring and understanding health disparity. The course examines health disparity language.
  17. International Health Systems: It is about how you will use your knowledge and improve your performance.
  18. Ethical Challenges in Short-Term Global Health Training: It is about cases that are involved in global health service and research to ethical issues.
  19. Caring for Infants and Children with Acute Malnutrition: This free online course is perfect for nurses, doctors, nutritionists and public health staff. The course can be completed in six to eight hours.
  20. Mosquito Borne Diseases: Designed to have a better understanding on common diseases. It has quizzes exam and self-paced interactive lessons.
  21. Rotavirus ProVac: This online course was made for health care administrators and nurses to make decisions about vaccine introduction to the national immunization program.
  22. PH 101: Introduction to Population Health: It introduces you to population health concept and why others have healthy lives and some do not.
  23. PFC 101: Dignity and Respect: It is about treating families and patients with respect and dignity.
  24. PS 101: Fundamentals of Patient Safety: The course gives comprehensive introduction about patient safety.
  25. 100+ Continuing Education Courses & Trainings in Public Health : This online course includes emergency preparedness, response, epidemiology, occupational health as well as safety.
  26. Human Health Global Health Issues: It is about understanding importance of the global health, HIV, AIDS and Women’s Health.
  27. Analysis and Interpretation of Public Health Data, Part 1: It is about analyzing and interpreting data for purposes of public health.
  28. Analysis and Interpretation of Public Health Data, Part 2: It is about basic concepts for data analysis and for health assessment in the community.
  29. Epidemiology Applications: Disaster and Environmental Epidemiology: It gives specific emphasis about environmental epidemiology and disaster epidemiology.
  30. Emergency Management (EMG): Discusses principles, practice and concepts of emergency management in real world.

There you have the list of online courses that nurses can check out among with free online masters degree in order to learn more and gain more knowledge. Study your options well, visit each site and check their offers.

Enroll in these free online courses for nurses today!

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