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Free Online Audio Books

free online audio booksFor free online audio books, you may be really lucky today since most websites offering these things have opened their doors for you to gain access into thousands of their audio books. Most of these websites have the most sought after virtual library for audio books regarding the best and top-notch narratives that basically deal with the classics. If you want to know a thing or two about online free audio books, continue reading this post. Well then, why don’t you go and have a quick look into that right now? The resources below would be useful who like to read books for free online.

Top Ten List of Audio Book Free Online

  1. Open Culture: It is one of the best and highly sought after portals when it comes to free online audio books no download. These sites have compiled the best contents all across the web to provide you with the best collections of audio books. Dedicated audio book readers can find real classics relating to cultural and educational media. What is good about the website is that you and everybody else stream for any of its contents seamlessly.
  2. Project Gutenberg: It has one of the oldest and largest collections of the top audio books. Free online audio books from this site offer an extensive collection of it, whether it is generated by a computer or one that is done by humans. What is good about the website is that it allows you to search for contents through titles, the author’s last name or language. However, most experts suggest that you do avoid computer-generated narrations because it may be done by an incompetent computer program.
  3. Free Classic Audio Books: It is pretty much self-explanatory when it comes to what it provides. The online free audio books that you can find in here are free recordings of the best classics like the King James Bible and Treasure Island. What’s good about the site is that the contents you choose can be downloaded into an MP3 format compared to other free online audio books no download. This can be one of the best sites when it comes to audio books online. You can help you kids learn of the world’s greatest stories that they have to know. This time around, you can be sure that your kids are going to enjoy their free time and spend it more productively. Check out the site and start searching for fabulous and educational stories that they are sure going to enjoy.
  4. LibriVox: It recommends that its users try and record audio book free online by different sections or chapters of the book. What the site offers is something that one may find interesting since it allows you to search books by solo narrations where you get to listen to that particular audio book with a single voice not to mention its title, genre, author or language. This site also allows users to post or upload any content on various languages like English, Balinese or other languages, which opens the doors for unique or more diverse contents.
  5. Thought Audio: It works more like Spotify or a podcast wherein free online audio books no download are meant for online streaming. However, there have been rumors or news that the company has been planning to provide users with an option to download contents for only $10 per year. The site enables you to stream audio books from authors like Charles Dickens and Jules Verne all of which are available through three separate pages.
  6. Lit2Go: It is one of the finer looking free online audio books available on the web today. The throwback site, which is run by Florida’s Educational Technology Clearinghouse, contains some of the most comprehensive lists of downloadable contents that includes poems and short stories. Users can browse for contents through genre, collection, title or author.
  7. Loyal Books: It was formally known as Books Should Be Free, is one of the most family friendly online free audio books site in the entire web today. The site offers a wide range of short stories and domain novels that is both available in MP4 and MP3 formats. You and every user can stream for contents through its genre, language or popularity, which gives more filtering options. Check out the site and see its fabulous story offers for everyone in the family today!
  8. Podiobooks: It displays some of the most diverse and top quality audio book free online. What is good about the site is that it allows users to receive serialized distributions through RSS feeds. Although the collections are somewhat limited, users can browse through award winning collections, contributing authors or genres. Check out the site and learn of the great books in store for you and your kids.
  9. Storynory: It is not any other free online audio books site. This site enables parent’s still find time for their kids even though they are not around to read stories to them. This website allows them to have an effective solution to let their kids listen to classic fairytales or short novels. Check out this site and learn of the best stories of all time.
  10. Librophile: It is an online free audio books site that allows you to access classic audio books. The site has a very minimalistic design, bookshelf like appearance and clean layout. Users can navigate through a wide range of titles through its popularity, date of release and genre. This is one of the most used websites when it comes to audio books. There is no wonder! It is very easy to navigate and it features tons and tons of audio books everyone in the family will enjoy.

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The top ten list of websites offering the best audio books that is written on this post, whether it is a free online audio books no download site, are surely going to satisfy your needs of listening to classic or modern audio books. Audio book free online provide outstanding solutions to browse through contents seamlessly. Well then, go ahead and start searching for what you want to listen to today!

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