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Free Jobs Online

free jobs onlineMany people are looking for free jobs online and free stuff onlineif you are one of them, you are lucky because this page will present the best opportunities you can deal with to make money at your own home and to make extra income.

Online Job Opportunities List

  1. Survey taker: This program is paying one up to fifty dollars per survey depending on the time that the user dedicate and it also depends on the time required for doing the survey. With it, you can take opinion poll, review products or answer questions. You will be paid via mailed check or PayPal or gift cards depending on what you earned. You can get points by visiting the link provided and signing up. The site will contact its users that is perfect for demographic pop up. The website is free to use and does not ask any registration fee.
  2. Website Tester: The website pays persons per ten to fifteen dollars for each test that they conduct. There are numerous companies that are paying online testers in making sure that the sites are easy to navigate and intuitive. What you need to do is to follow the instructions. There are numerous work online opportunities that you can review and it just takes fifteen minutes to complete the test. By joining it, you can make 100 up to 200 dollars every month. You need to register with many companies to ensure that you can get started the time you receive the confirmation coming from the system. You need to complete the test to receive credit or points. The website tester company is paying every week via PayPal.
  3. Post how to Videos: With this online free internet jobs, you can make income for one up to two dollars if you reach 2,000 hits. The payment will be depends on how many clicks you receive. For YouTube, the range is about 20,000 up to 30,000 clicks. What you need to do is to post the asked title. You need to sign up and it is free. You need to use a digital camera or Smartphone if you want to record yourself or to explain what you need to demonstrate.
  4. Direct Salesperon: Depending on the company you choose, you get 20 up to 35 percent commission. You are perfect for it if you have magnificent energy, entrepreneurial spirit and love with interacting and meeting new individuals. What you need to do is to organize the company’s wares, which include gardening supplies, bath products, wine or books. You can apply to the company to know more information. You need to abide with their code of ethics to be considered and accepted. You get a profit based on your efforts that is why you need to make an extra effort to make tons of cash
  5. Corporate English Trainer: You get paid up to 15 dollars for every hour you work. You are perfect for the job if you are fluent in English language having interest with the cultures of others, know basic computer skills and love to chat. It is essential that you have office experience because it will help you since you will be working with a corporate environment. If you are bilingual, that is a plus to your application. It is also required that you have your own internet connection and computer. Students in countries such as Korea, Japan, France and Germany are looking for fluent English speakers. The lessons will take place either live video or over the phone. You need to commit yourself to at least twenty hours consistently. The company is a training company for English and it is one of the largest corporations around the world.
  6. Telephone nurse: The good thing with being a telephone nurse is about the salary. You can earn as much as 50,000 dollars or more. The company is looking for a person with a nursing degree. They are hiring some individuals to perform the duties such as treatment authorization, case management as well as patient education.
  7. Search engine evaluator: The company will pay nine to ten dollars per hour for their workers. They need a person who is English speaker who is up to music and movies. They are also looking for persons who are familiar with culture of others. Since Yahoo and Google provide details on what you are looking for, what you need is to give the results matching what you are seeking for.
  8. Customer Service Representative: The company pays 8 up to 18 dollars per hour. If you are good at talking with other people and you have patience to communicate with them on the phone while you are facing your computer, then you are perfect for the job. The company is looking for people with solid computer skills as well as awesome speaking abilities to help customers to place order, resolve conflict and to find the correct size they are looking for. Workers need to dedicate 4 hours of time to work. Since customer service is one of the biggest and popular works around the world, you can opt for it. What you need is to apply at the company and fill up the necessary forms.
  9. Online teacher: The average salary for online teacher is around 30,000 dollars and they will be paid more depending on their skills and experience. The job is perfect for teachers who do not want to engage themselves into typical schedule for teachers. If you want to teach through Skype or recorded session, you can choose this job. Online teaching is growing around the world, especially when it comes to English subject. You need to visit the website of the company to apply. You will be interviewed to check if you qualify or not.
  10. Data Entry: This is one of the free online data entry jobs to choose from. You can choose it without investing. As long as you are qualified, you can start to work.

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If you want to make extra income, you need to start choosing free online jobs from home. Start to choose the work you want to do online and apply today!

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