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Free Books for Kids Online

free books for kids onlineLooking free books for kids online or free online audio books will help you and your kids to learn more. If you want to read books for your children, here are some of the lists.

Free Books to Read Online for Kids

  1. Free Audio Books: They have audio books for free, which include children’s classics
  2. Free eBooks: They have collection, which include numerous children’s classics in eBook format. There are also video tutorials that are included.
  3. Bartleby.com: It provides access to free literature, classics of reference as well as nonfiction which include The World Factbook, King James Bible and others.
  4. Calibre: You have online access to their free eBooks and they have still more to offer. Just check out their site for more information.
  5. CK-12: They are giving open textbooks for K-12 students around the world. They are offering high quality content that are free.
  6. ePubBud: There are children’s books that are available for Kindle, Nook, iPad and other readers.
  7. International Children’s Digital Library: It gives access to high quality kid’s books around the world in different language, which include Danish, Africans, Arabic, Farsi, English and others.
  8. Librivox: They give free audio books for public domain. The good thing is that you find more than 5,000 books by checking their catalog.
  9. OER Commons: You can discover numerous collections of textbooks for free that can be sorted by grade level and by subject.
  10. Project Gutenberg: They are hosting 4,000 eBooks free and it is accessible on Android, Kindle, iPhone and iPad.
  11. Free Textbook Collection: Their site is offering meta-collection of textbooks for free that is available online. It covers Math, Psychology, Physics, Biology and History.
  12. Physics Comic Books: American Physical Society runs the site and they constructed many comic books that designed for kids.
  13. Open Culture Foreign Language Collection: They are offering free lessons available in 40 languages. For podcasts, you can download it.
  14. NeoK12: It was made for kids and give educational lessons, quizzes, videos and games in areas like social studies, health, math, science and English.
  15. ArtThink: They offer theme-based activities in history, social studies, language arts and visual arts. The website allows students to investigate the artists’ lives, context and work.
  16. National Geographic: It gives photos, videos, facts and others.
  17. World Atlas: This is one of the best online books for kids that are free because it gives educational resource for atlases, geography and world maps.
  18. World Data Atlas: This source for online free books for kids is a good source for world statistics of each country wherein it includes data on over 2500 indicators. Some of the topics include health, demographics, economics, energy, education and others.
  19. 50States.com: It gives copious information about 50 United States of America.
  20. Ancient Web: This is one of the best online destinations in checking details as well as resources that are related to Ancie
  21. Bridging World History: It will help learners to know more about world history and it contains materials that are organized in 26 thematic units including audio glossary and videos.
  22. Democracy Web: It features online study guide and an interactive world map.
  23. International Children’s Digital Library: It gives access to digital books and it is perfect for kids three up to 13 years of age.
  24. NRICH: They are offering mathematics resources for teachers, parents and children to enrich learning. It gives resources for all of all ages.
  25. TutPup Math: It helps young children to gain mastery and confidence of basic educational skills.
  26. Classics for Kids: It introduces middle and elementary children to classical fun in a way that it would be entertaining and fund.
  27. Philosophy for Kids!: The site introduces children’s stories.
  28. Physics to Go: This is a collection of sites where kids can learn physics, games, activities, online exhibits and
  29. Science News for Kids: It helps kids to be up to date about scientific trends.
  30. Try Science: It is a science education source for children that feature details for kids on science museums, science as well as fair project ideas.

There you have the online books free for kids that you can check out for your kids or children. It is good sources that will help your kids to grow and for them to learn more. This is the time you need to make sure that your kids will gain knowledge. All the books are good for learning and you will not be disappointed.

Whatever books you want for your kids, be sure that you give only the best. You are lucky because there are numerous free books or free classical music online that you can download online or read on their site. Start to check out the listed books and sites to help your kids know more about the history, science, math and others.

Visit these sites for free books for kids online today!

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