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Free Bachelors Degree Online

free bachelors degree onlineTuition and fees are high to pay and if you want to look for schools that will help you and free tutors online, make sure that you know where to look at. There are numerous opportunities available and here are some of the lists that you can choose from.

Free Bachelors Degree Online

  1. University of the People: This is the first school around the world offering free tuition online. They are offering free online bachelors degree and their purpose is to give accredited choice for a better education. They are offering two associate degrees as well as bachelor’s degree programs in science and business administration.
  2. Alice Lloyd College: The school has free online bachelors degree programs to residents of Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia and Ohio. It is a 4-year college that is accredited by Southern Association of Colleges & School
  3. Central Christian College of Bible: It is situated in Moberly, Missouri and a private college that was founded in the year 1957. They are offering free tuition fee scholarships for students who are looking for bachelor’s degree in science and arts.
  4. Haskell Indian Nations University: It was founded in the year 1884 and situated in Kansas. It is a co-educational, tribal and public college that is accredited by North Central Association of Colleges & Schools.
  5. Curtis Institute of Music: In the year 1924, it was founded and students must need to undergo in the audition before they will be accepted. They have four percent acceptance rate and students must need to have talent.
  6. College of the Ozarks: The school is also offering free tuition fee for students, but students must need to work as custodians or administrative assistance. It was situated in Point Lookout, Missouri and covering tuition by scholarships and grants.
  7. Barclay College: The school was located in the Haviland, Kansas and they are offering free tuition for full time students. The free tuition is offered only to couple of hundred students. To have it, students must need to complete the 96 hours service.
  8. Cooper Union: The school is situated in New York City and it is a highly regarded school of learning featuring School of Art and others. Graduate and undergraduate students will receive free scholarships. In addition, they also offer additional aid.
  9. Berea College: This is a tuition free college where students are required to work ten hours on-campus every week to get the full free tuition. The faith based, liberal arts and private school offer free tuition and grants money.
  10. Deep Springs College: The school is situated in Inyo County, California. Students not more than 26 will get full scholarships covering tuition, board and room. On the other hand, they are required to work twenty hours each week.
  11. William of Free School of Mechanical Trades: The school was accredited by Accrediting Commission Schools & Colleges of technology and others. They are offering free tuition to students and they cover expenses for room, boarding and others. Students must need to live in the campus
  12. Webb Institute: The school is situated in New York and it is a small engineering college offering free tuition every year. The school is highly accredited having 80 students and they are offering full scholarships.
  13. William E. Maculay Honors College: The tuition is free to in-state residents each year.
  14. United States Military Academy: It was situated in New York and the tuition of students is covered under 2 requirements: a) to join military after graduation; 2) and to play in sports team every semester.
  15. United States Coast Guard Academy: The school is situated in Connecticut and they are giving free tuition. The program offers bachelor of science degree in civil engineering, electrical engineering, computer analysis, operations research, marine engineering, naval architecture and much more.
  16. United States Naval Academy: There are 25 majors that are being offered, which include oceanography, aerospace engineering, psychology and others
  17. United States Air Force Academy: It is situated in Colorado and they are offering free tuition to students.
  18. United States Merchant Marine Academy: Graduates are required to serve the academy after graduation.
  19. Islamic Online University: One of the schools offering free degree and they are a good choice.
  20. Embry-Riddle Aeroautical University.: They are well-recognized school that offers world class online. If you do not want spending your money for full time degree because you want convenience and flexibility, then the school is perfect for you.
  21. University of Wisconsin: Some of the scholarship for the degree include student scholarships, department scholarships, arts scholarships and others to get a degree on bachelor’s that is free.
  22. University of Illinois: There are many scholarships that the school offers to students and they make sure to give the financial aid to right students. They are one of your choices for free degree online.
  23. Indiana University: This online school will give what you are looking for. The good thing is that they only give the best for students and ensure high quality education.
  24. Arizona State University: They are offering excellent degree programs for international and local students. They are one of the schools offering numerous courses for students.
  25. University of Alabama: They are offering distance learning and programs that will help students to get the education they need.
  26. Dayton State College: They have numerous online and accredited courses and tutorials to students.
  27. Carnegie Mellon University: They have free courseware program for students as well as self-paced courses, which include self-assessments and lessons.
  28. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): They are offering over 2,000 graduate and undergraduate courses that are free from areas such as economics, media arts, biological engineering and others.
  29. Tufts University: They offer free OCW courses and some of the courses include dentistry, medicine, sciences and others.
  30. University of California – Berkeley: They are offering free online videos of courses covering computer science, astronomy, philosophy, law and engineering.

There you have the online bachelor’s degree free you can choose. Some of them offer free tuition and some offer free courses like free online business analyst training that will help you in getting the education you need.

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