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Best Free Online Multiplayer Games

best free online multiplayer games

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Are you fond of playing online games, but is someone that needs some real challenge regarding your skills from the best free online multiplayer games and the people playing these games? Well, that is certainly, what you should look to have from online games, especially to die hard fanatics of the games offered these days by top developers worldwide. Today, free online multiplayer games no download are widely available. While some of it is developed in the best way that its creators may think off, there are some games today that seem like a thing from the past. But luckily for you, these things should not come to trouble you since the top multiplayer games online are gathered for you on this post.

Top Ten List of the Best Multiplayer Games Free Online

  1. Neverwinter: It is developed out of the epic and major hit online games of the old days, Dungeons & Dragons, these 3d online multiplayer games is one of the most played online games today. There are a few MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games that are highly regarded when it comes to every facet in the way it was developed and created. The best thing about this free stuff online is that it’s not just looking pretty on your computer screen, but the action or combat battle is truly satisfying in every way.
  2. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms: This free online multiplayer games no download developed by Tom Clancy and his team takes tactical game play into another level by creating a massive and impressive multiplayer game. The way that players can step right into the shoes of a ghost, head straight for combat and the availability of cutting-edge technologies and weapons makes this game deserving of a spot in this top ten list.
  3. World of Tanks: The people behind this game truly deserve applause when it comes to the development of this game. The things that made this one of the best free online multiplayer games is the way teams can suit up and battle each other. The game is all about capturing the most number of flags or taking over the enemy sanctuary or base by detonating bombs in a mine-craft is astonishing enough to get them into this list.
  4. Team of Fortress: These multiplayer games free online features the classic battle between the men in red and blue. Players have a wide array of selections when it comes to choosing from one out of its classes like being a sniper, engineer or soldier, contributing to the cause of the bloc you are fighting for. This game allows you to customize and upgrade your character in the way of gears and weapons, which you to do more damage towards an enemy target.
  5. Planetside 2: This is an MMO free game play. These 3d online multiplayer games highlight a multitude of players participating in a gigantic land battle to conquer a territory. It’s all about taking over the land in the planet Auraxis. The game allows three different groups to battle for land glory. What they have at their expense are abundant vehicles and weapons that allow a futuristic experience when it comes to conquering lands.
  6. Star Wars: The Old Republic: It is considered by many as one of the best free online multiplayer games of today. This installation of the game is a continuation of the Knights of the Old Republic series that focuses on RPG (role-playing games) developed by Bioware. SWTOR (Star Wars: The Old Republic) features great innovations by creating a number of independent storylines that is based on what character class or group you choose. Just like the single player game, you still have the power to choose your own dialogue.
  7. Warframe: It is one of the few free online multiplayer games no download that enables players to enjoy the game on either a Windows- or Mac-based computer, which is somewhat a relief to those who could not enjoy playing other online games if it’s not compatible with their equipment. This game is all about capturing data or eliminating your enemies from a mission terminal in which you become a third-person shooter amongst three of your teammates working together towards a randomly chosen mission.
  8. Heartstone: This multiplayer games free online is not Blizzard’s first venture into trading card games, but is certainly their most successful endeavor into this genre. As of now, this game is confined to computers, but it will soon be available on mobile devices like tablets and android devices. This game also pits games against each other as the main heroes of Warcraft. Anyone who plays the game would be able to play the game, battling each other wherein competing players have a different set of cards.
  9. League of Legends: Just like what Dota2 brings to the table, this game is a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) where players gets to choose a particular hero to fight for them in the battle field. This 3D online multiplayer games are today’s most popular online game because of free to play game-play.
  10. Dota2: It originated from the popular Warcraft 3 model called the Defense of the ancients, which sees players play the roles of multiple villains and heroes, battling each other. Each hero comes with its own unique sets of skills that serve a particular utility within the game. This games features dozens of heroes to select from, which makes DOTA2 a daunting experience for its players to attempt and try to master the game.

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There you have it, the ten most popular and well-loved multiplayer games free online. This game goes to show what the future of online gaming is all about. When you choose to play any of the games listed on this post, you ensure yourself to having the best chance of enjoying high caliber online games just like what your friends and other people are doing right now. Well then, why don’t you go online and try any of the best free online multiplayer games shown here?

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