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Best Free Online IQ Test

best free online iq testKnowing how genius you are is awesome and if you want to know your IQ tests, there are many programs that you can found on the internet. Not all the applications online is accurate and free, but if you are looking for free programs that you can try, here are best free online IQ test programs.

Free Online IQ Tests Programs

This free online IQ tests will help you to know your IQ test. The lists are free, but there are some programs that will requires users to register and they must complete the registration process. The quizzes will give you excitement.

  1. Tiptop Globe Free IQ Test Online: If you want to try this free online IQ tests, you will be happy. The time limit that you will take is 40 minutes and you need to answer 39 questions. When it comes to age requirement, there is no limit, which means anyone can try it. For the results, it is instant and the user does not need to wait for a long time. There are also reviews about the program and they said that it is accurate and always free to use. It can be use by experts as well as internet users. Users do not need to worry because the test is 100% fair and it is based on sound logic measuring the general intelligence of users.
  2. IQTest.com: These free online tests are limited to 30 minutes and users will answer 40 questions. Just like other IQ test on the internet, it does not have age requirements and anyone can try it. It is easy to use and follow. The result is also instant and users do not need to wait for long time. The review about the program is that it works like how IQtest.dk does. It is a little bit annoying because there are ads that will appear but it should not disturb you. It is definitely a wonderful program that you can try.
  3. FunEducation’s IQ Test: There is no time limit that is required in answering all the questions in the program. Even though there is no time limit, you need to answer fast because it will affect your score. You need to complete it in the fastest ways you can so that you have a good score. You will be given with 38 questions. You need to answer the questions as sure as you can. Trying the quizzes does not require age limit, which means anyone, can try it. The result is instant and there is a review about it. According to review, if you are not that fluent in English, then you will get lower score. It is better when you took the test based on the language that you know or fluent.
  4. IQOut.com: There is no time limit for this online free IQ test and users must need to answer 43 questions. It is essential to answer the questions with sureness so that you get a high score. On the other hand, there is age requirement which is 18 and above. If you want to get the result, you need to register. There is a review about the program saying that it will measure the cognitive performance of the person in several areas, which include spatial reasoning as well as word analysis.
  5. IQ Test Center: The time limit in taking the IQ test is 26 minutes and 16 seconds and there are 35 questions that you need to answer. The good thing about the test is that it does not have age limit. You also do not need to register to get the result because it is instant. The time you are finished with the test, you can already get the result to know how high your IQ is. For review, the results that you will get are scaled. This means that every completed test, it will contribute to a graph of standard deviation.
  6. Mensa Workout: There is no time limit for the program and it is a good thing because you can answer the question without thinking that you need to meet such time. There will be 60 questions available that you need to answer and be sure that you understand each question to get a high score. The age requirement for the IQ test is 8 up to 60 years of age. When it comes to the result, it is also instant. The only downside of the program is that time constraint.
  7. IQExam.org: The time limit in answering the questions is 15 seconds for every question. It is essential that you answer all the 70 questions with the age requirements of 16 and above. It is important that you know how to answer all the questions properly. The result is instant that is why you do not need to wait.
  8. IQTestExperts.com: There is a time limit in answering the questions and it is only limited to 25 minutes. You will be given with 43 questions and you should make sure that you would answer it on time. There is no extended time that will be given. For age requirements, it must be try by persons with the age of 18 years of age and above. The exam will measure that cognitive performance of the persons in several areas like word analysis and spatial reasoning.
  9. IQ Test Labs: The time limit in answering the questions is 15 minutes and you need that you complete the test on time. There will be 30 questions that are available and there are no age requirements so anyone can try the IQ test. If you want to know the result, you need to register. The test will examine the mental skills of the person, which include verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, spatial skills and analytical skills.
  10. Free-IQTest.net: The time limit in answering the questions is 15 minutes and there will be 30 questions. There are no age requirements, which means anyone, can try it. On the other hand, you will not get the result if you do not register. A few of the questions about the test are about reasoning having novel stimuli and other reasoning that will increase the knowledge of the person. Skills examples include logical reasoning, proficiency language as well as spatial and visual abilities.

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There you go the best lists for programs for IQ tests. Check out these sites and see which among these IQ test sites you enjoy using the most today!

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