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Best Free Online Courses for Teachers

free online courses for teachersKnowing free online courses for teachers is a good help because they will know what approach they must have and do. If you are looking for the best free online courses that guide you, check this out! It will help you a lot.

Online Courses for Teachers Free

Free online courses for teacher’s professional development is important and if you are looking for websites or resources where you have the chance to make lesson plans, learn more and others, this page will be your help.

  1. Intel Teach Elements: They are offering continuing education courses for teachers focusing on 21st century technology classroom topics. Teachers will learn about 21st century assessments and social media.
  2. Alison: There are several courses that are available for teachers. Just visit the site and they can start the course that they will choose.
  3. PBS Teacherline: They are offering a wide variety of online courses to teachers.
  4. Annenberg Learner: They are offering different online workshops and courses.
  5. ScholasticU: They are offering numerous full format courses and most classes are Pre-K through secondary teachers.
  6. The Library Congress: The online courses help teachers to learn how to use resources that are available in library.
  7. ASCD: They are offering hundreds on online course for teachers’ professional development.
  8. Teachers First : They are offering online courses that free in two formats – pre-recorded sessions and live sessions.
  9. Moodle: This is commonly referred as a virtual learning environment or course management system. It is a good site for learning.
  10. Claroline: This is a free platform giving users freedom in making their online classroom. Teachers can create assessment activities, collect assignments and post assignments.
  11. Udemy: This is new platform available for teaching courses online. You can sign up and begin to create courses in minutes.
  12. RCampus: This is free platform and web based site in auditing and making courses online.
  13. Learnopia: They are hosting online courses and there are numerous free courses that are available.
  14. English Language Centre Study Zone: This site from University of Victoria has a concise grammar and clear lessons. The readings come with comprehensive tasks and questions.
  15. English Grammar in Use: They have clear explanations and numerous practice exercises. This is definitely accessible for everyone and it is free.
  16. John Fleming’s ESL Grammar Help: It includes simple stuff such as prepositions and subjects. This is a good source for teachers.
  17. ESL Blues: It has thorough resource having interactive questions and answers. It also contains flash animations.
  18. Label Me!: For teaching new vocabularies, this site is nice to visit. They have many worksheets that are perfect for teachers that will help the students to learn more.
  19. Ello: When it comes to audio clips that are categorized by level, accents and topic, you can choose this site.
  20. TEFL Tunes: It has easy browser and it contains song-based lessons.
    Musical English Lessons: They are offering free worksheets that are ready made.
  21.  English Club: They have mini lessons that ranging from different subjects. Some of the topics include kidnapping and bio-fuel for serious lessons and shopping topics for lighter discussion.
  22. Randall’s ESL Cyber Listening Lab: They have post listening exercises, comprehension questions and much more. There are also resources that are suited for advanced and beginner learners.
  23. Takako’s Great Adventure: Every installment has comprehensive and vocabulary questions.
  24. Tall Tales: There are stories that are good deals for supplementary exercises for your students.
  25. Academic English Cafe: In writing prompts, this is a good source. If you have high school students, this is perfect for them.
  26. The Internet TESL Journal: There are gazillions of great materials in the site. It is perfect for adult learners and secondary students.
  27. Waygook.org: You have the chance to search for lengthy message boards with PowerPoints, dialogues and lesson plans about teaching and learning.
  28. Using English: The website has lists of PDF lesson plans that are perfect for different levels. There are many things that you can find out with the site.
  29. ESL Galaxy: The materials include puzzles and games, reading having comprehension activities as well as PowerPoint presentations.
  30. Breaking News English: You can find lesson plans with discussion and vocabulary questions.

It is important to know about free online education courses for teachers because it will absolutely help you. You are lucky because there are online courses out there that are helping teachers to get what they want and to meet their needs. It is vital that you choose carefully on what site you will visit to help you because you need to remember that they should meet your expectations. Regardless, it is a good thing that there are online education courses for teachers free or among with free online courses for nurses  that they can check out.

Check out these free online courses for teachers today!

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