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Best Free Games Online

best free games online

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One of the hottest trends in the world of PC games, gamers and its developers are the best free games online that any PC game lover would surely love to get their hands on. Unlike before, most online games today are so interactive with the best resolution or display characteristics. While some games would require its users to sign up through their website, others only require gamers to install the game on their PC and they are well on their way to enjoying the game.

Well enough of that for the meantime so that this discussion can move forward towards discussing the top ten lists of the games for free online. Are you ready to look into that right now? Well then, let’s get going and have a quick look into special freebies now.

Top Ten Free Online Gaming

  1. Planetside 2: A couple of years back before Destiny surfaced into the world of free game online to play, this game is one of the best and highly sought after online. This game is an epic, first-person and all-out fun and excitement that is really impressive. The good thing about this game is that it’s completely free online play. Well, there are certainly in-game purchases that you have to make, but choosing not to would still allow you to get into the game’s largest battlefield and still be useful even if you are using a default gear. The kind of experience you’d get playing a mass assault towards an enemy base, coming out on top cannot be compared to any other online games you might have tried in the past. This game is worth giving it a shot.
  2. Dota 2: This game, even though it did come from a mod for World of Warcraft 3, still has its very own body or entity. Not to mention that this game has been considered by experts of the best free games online to being so popular and loved by most of them. What’s also good about this game is that it offers serious and dedicated tournament players a multimillion-dollar prize pot. Most gamers who has experienced playing the game says that it is incredibly active, while some are saying that it is not just for the obsessed. However, newbie who aim to take part in this game should not expect a warm welcome, especially from veterans of this complex game, but bringing your friends to play this game for free online would surely give you a good chance to be hooked with one of the biggest craze in PC gaming history.
  3. Tribes: Ascend: This is the world’s top free online gaming jetpack shooter. This game is all about getting into your jetpack and launching into battle across big maps alongside weapons that takes real skills just for you to land a hit. Although it is completely free for you to enjoy, there are plenty of equipment that you can get for yourself. What is also good about this free game online to play is that it allows you to pay so that you can unlock various classes, benefits and weapons. However, keeping it casual and simple would not take away the fun and excitement.
  4. Path of Exile: This free online play is a 3rd-person, Diablo III-style, role-playing game. However, this is somewhat different from the common free play games online. It is also not about whacking real-life people up until you hear them screaming towards you through their Skype logins. While some experts are saying that this game is kind of a slow-burner rather than being a multi-player blaster, others are saying that it is still a game that every online gamer may fall in love with because of the hidden depths that one can uncover after playing longer hours.
  5. League of Legends: This is a game where to pick your champion, head onto battle your fellow online gamers. This is what this best free games online is all about. LOL’s (League of Legends) automated matchmaking features along with a huge array of characters that you can choose from and the high quality maps incorporated in the game makes it a top choice for veteran and newbie online gamers. LOL has changed the way games for free online multiplayer is developed. This is certainly an aggressive game to play, but one that would really give rewards for careful tactics and good teamwork.
  6. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft: Have you ever-played Magic the Gathering, which is a card game that captured the hearts of many? This free online gaming is Blizzard’s attempt to make and develop a great and exciting game. This is game is inviting, excellent and so cool wherein you do not have to go through the terrifying and time consuming learning that the card game requires from you. This is one of the premiere card games online, so it would not be a shame for you to try getting into the game.
  7. Might & Magic: Duel of Champions: It is a great alternative to Hearthstone, but this one involves less grind for free game online to play. It is somewhat a bit less accessible along with a small glossy approach; this one feels much close to playing a card game, which means that you would not get the casino-effect display upon winning a game. However, this one would not take much of your time the same way as other online games.
  8. Star Wars: The Old Republic: This version takes over the classic Star Wars MMORPG back in 2011. From the time that it went out on the market, many experts of the free online play world have shown satisfaction towards the game. This game also adopted the free-to-play model. However, its developers did not take away the subscription option wherein you gain more potential to level up in game.
  9. Super Crate Box: Some experts of the best free games online says that its name is somewhat less exciting than any other game out there, but the game itself makes up for it. What the game brings to the table are simple mechanics for the game. The only thing that you have to worry about is how you are going to survive the stream of monsters coming after you.
  10. The Battle for Wesnoth: You might have seen this games for free online on your phone. That is because it is also available on Android and iOS. However, this one is completely free on Mac and PC. Anyone gamer who loves the old, conventional ways of a turn-base battling platform would surely love what this free online gaming brings to the table.

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These is the top ten list of the best free game online to play. When you play one that is a part of this listing, you would surely get more involved with online gaming. Now, are you ready to explore other free online play games that you have not tried to play?