22 Nov

15 Crazy Pokemon Go Stories

PokemonGo, one of the most popular free online adventure games of 2016, became popular in just a short period of time. People discover many cool, bad, good, fun as well as crazy things as they catch Pokemon. All are making friends just because of Pokemon Go. Here are some stories that are crazy about the PokemonGo game.
15 crazy pokemon go stories

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Crazy Stories

  • It turns out that Pokemon Go is great in apprehending murder suspects. With this, there are two marines that helped police catch a guy for he was reported for child annoyance, but it turns out that he has outstanding warrants for more serious crime.
  • He was walking on the street to catch a Pokemon, but he was not expecting that there is a cliff falling for he was so concentrated on catching the Pokemon. The government in Bosnia issued a warning for players that they should not wander in any minefields to avoid such an accident.
  • A guy playing Pokemon Go was stabbed by someone who is passing by, but it never stops him from catching the Pokemon. What he did is that he kept playing, went to convenience store and bought some chips as well as beer before he seek a medical attention.
  • You should not drive while texting because it is dangerous, but because of Pokemon Go, there is a guy who ran into a parked cop while playing the game. It was good that the incident was caught on camera and instantly shared online with, which include a part where the driver says, “That is what I get for playing Pokemon Go.”
  • Even though Pokemon Go is fun, there are people who use it to do some dirty actions. There are groups of thieves who rob people when they got into the area where they catch the Pokemon.
  • Playing Pokemon Go is great, but people should also pay respects to dead too. Some are surprised that this guy is too much addicted with the Pokemon Go that he cannot sit through the funeral without playing the game.

There you have some of the crazy stories about playing Pokemon Go. There are instances that you do not expect what will happen to you if you are too much concentrated on playing the game, so check out some free books for kids online to distract yourself sometimes.

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